Our remarkable performance in the capital market has won the Company trust and critical acclaim from its investors. In recent years, the Company has cumulatively received over HKS 37 billion in funds from the capital market via equity financing, and USD 1.5 billion in funds via bond financing and convertible bond financing in the form of shared allotment and additional issuance. Offering strong capital support for natural gas business development in China, these funds have been used to invest in the Shaanxi-Beijing Pipeline System, LNG receiving stations and urban gas projects, effectively boosting the sustainable development of corporate businesses.

With 3 LNG receiving stations, 24 plants and extensive trunk and branch pipelines and urban pipelines, the Company has established a gas supply network connecting Eastern and Western, Southern and Northern China. A complete industry chain of terminal sales and integrated utilization of natural gas has been built, making us China’s integrated natural gas utilization company with best integration strengths, and an A-level enterprise under PetroChina.