Press Release

Kunlun Energy Company Limited successfully opened the Sino-Russia land route for LPG energy trade - Russia's first imported LPG tanker arrived in Manzhouli


On August 28 and 30, the first two Russian self-owned wide-track railway trains, starting from the Irkutsk Oil Field in Russia, loaded with 30 tanks of imported liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) totaling 1,150 tons, entered the Manzhouli Port, and successfully reached the LPG reloading base of the Far East Gas Company in the Manzhouli Industrial Park, marked the official opening of the Sino-Russia land route for LPG energy trade, and opened up a new channel for Sino-Russia energy cooperation.

According to the company's overall deployment, Kunlun Energy Northeastern China Branch fully utilized the advantages of wide-ranging business and import and export rights, and realized the import and sales of two types products, alpha methyl styrene and petroleum coke.

After the reloading of the Russian gas in Manzhouli, the Russian gas was transported to chemical and civilian enterprises through rail and road transportation as raw materials and fuel. It is estimated that the cargo volume will reach 100,000 tons before the Spring Festival in 2020. The yearly transshipment capacity of the first phase of the Manchurian Far East Gas Reloading Base can reach more than 1 million tons. With the continuous expansion of the application of the Russian gas market, it will effectively supplement the resource gaps in the surrounding and Northeastern China and meet the stable demand for LPG in this region.

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