Press Release

The Company Signed a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with Zhengzhou Airport Experimental Zone


On July 16, the Company signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Zhengzhou Airport Experimental Zone Management Committee in Beijing for fully cooperation on the natural gas utilization project in the experimental area. Mr. Ling Xiao, Vice President of PetroChina and Chairman of the Board of Kunlun Energy Company, Ma Jian, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Zhengzhou Municipal Committee and main leader of Zhengzhou Airport Experimental Zone attended the signing ceremony. Kang Fuyuan, Assistant General manager of the Company, presided over the signing ceremony.

The principal person in charge the financial office of Zhengzhou Airport Experimental Zone Management Committee and the head of Henan Branch signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement on behalf of both parties.

The two parties held a talk before signing the contract. Ma Jian introduced the background and economic development of Zhengzhou Airport Experimental Zone and expressed his gratitude to PetroChina for its strong support to Zhengzhou City and the Airport Experimental Zone. Ling Xiao introduced the development of PetroChina's business in Henan Province, sources of natural gas resources and future development situations, indicating that PetroChina had sufficient resources and capabilities to guarantee Henan's demand.

Zhengzhou Airport Experimental Zone (Officially known as Zhengzhou Airport Economic Comprehensive Experimental Zone) is China's only aviation economic advancement zone approved by the State Council as the first strategic national experimental zone of this kind. With a planned area of 415 square kilometers and a planned population of 2.6 million, the zone is positioned as an international aviation logistics center, a modern industrial base led by aviation economy, an important gateway to the opening up of inland areas, a modern aviation city and the core growth pole of the Central Plains Economic Zone. The natural gas utilization project of Zhengzhou Airport Experimental Zone is expected to use a large amount of gas. In 2021, it is estimated that it will exceed 500 million square meters, and in 2030 it will exceed 2.3 billion square meters.

The Company's office, planning department, capital operation department, marketing department, Finance Bureau of Zhengzhou Airport Experimental Area Management Committee, Xinggang Investment Group Corporation, Public Utilities Co., Ltd. and other relevant responsible persons attended the meeting and witnessed the signing ceremony.

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