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KunLun Energy Company Limited held the annual general meeting – Eight proposals including the company’s 2019 annual financial statement are considered and approved


At 10 am on May 27th, KunLun Energy Company Limited held the 2020 annual general meeting at MingRen Mansion in Beijing. The meeting successfully passed proposals including the 2019 annual financial statement, the directors’ reports, the auditors’ reports, the 2019 final dividend payout, the reappointment of directors and the renewal contract with auditors.

Mr. Ling Xiao, chairman of the board of directors, presided over the meeting. Mr. Zhao Yongqi, executive director and CEO, Mr. Zhou Yuanhong, executive director, Mr. Liu Xiaofeng, Mr. Patrick Sun, and Mr. Tsang Yok Sing Jasper, independent non-executive directors, and shareholder representatives attended this annual general meeting.

Tricor Secretaries Limited, the company’s Hong Kong Share Registrar, acted as the voting monitor.

Upon the approval of shareholders on the annual general meeting, the board of directors announced that the company would pay on or before July 31th 2020 the final dividend up to December 31th 2019 per share at RMB 0.263 yuan (equivalent to HKD 0.2827) to those who were shareholders of the company on June 5th 2020. By the date of the annual general meeting, the company had issued 8,658,801,708 shares.

The voting results of the proposals presented at the annual general meeting are as follows.

After the annual general meeting, the company held the board meeting to consider proposals including the 2019 Environmental, Social and Governance Report.


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